How dare you unfriend me

Lindsey Hamilton, Reporter

Are you one of those people who constantly checks their list of friends on Facebook? Do you have a mini-heart attack every time you notice the number go down?
I confess that I am one of those people, incessantly checking if it decreased any, seeing as there was no notification saying you just lost a friend… until now.
Facebook’s new app, Unfriend Finder, tells you just who it was that blocked you, just as it does when someone requests your friendship. This is a much easier way then combing through your friend list, trying to remember who was on there in the first place.
While some people could care less about who blocked them, or even how many friends they had to begin with because they don’t know personally, others truly know their friends.
In fact, over one hundred and seventy-seven thousand users have downloaded it already. You can go to to learn more about it and download it if you are as obsessed with your friend list as I am.

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