TCC grade check explained

Diego Galaviz, Reporter

The Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA), the group that oversees interscholastic activities in senior high schools, requires that students be passing all enrolled subjects during a semester in order to participate in OSSAA sanctioned events. This means that students involved in activities ranging from band to soccer to swimming to drama to football be passing classes to be eligible to participate in games and contests.


Starting this semester (spring 2012) all concurrently enrolled Tulsa Community College (TCC) students are required to print their grades from TCC and bring them to their school counselor by 2:40 p.m. every Thursday. This new action sparked debate among Bixby High School students concurrently enrolled at TCC.


This new policy addressed concerns from the OSSAA that Bixby High School was not in compliance of the eligibility policy since no procedure was in place to monitor concurrent student’s grades on a weekly basis.  “In order to comply with OSSAA regulations BHS implemented the policy immediately after we had this knowledge,” said Principal Bryan Frazier.

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