Top 10 things I learned from the football bowl season

What an unforgettable football bowl season. We had high scoring shootouts, defensive struggles and kickers miss more field goals than they actually made. But seriously the bowl season had its ups and downs; overall I feel that it was an exciting end to college football and left viewers with glimpses and hopes for the next season.

First, there are way too many bowls. I understand letting fans watch their teams play, but come on, if you are 6-6 then that means you either played in a tough conference or that you aren’t deserving of going to the post season. I love ESPN, but what is the purpose in showing every game? Nobody really cares who won the Idaho Potato Bowl besides their fans or those who have bets on the whole bowl season (by the way  it was Ohio over Utah St. in a close battle).

My only real complaint is the BSC itself. Really BSC — this is the best match-ups you could come up with? You gave us two teams from the ACC who are both terrible and Michigan instead of Kansas St. and Arkansas, who both had better records and higher rankings. Please explain this to me! I get the ratings ploy, but the Cotton Bowl (Arkansas against Kansas St.) blew the Sugar and Orange Bowls out of the water! End tangent. So without further ranting I now present to you the Top 10 Things I Learned From the 2011-2012 Bowl Season:

P.S. I know the bowls have been over for a week now, but it took a lot of re-watching highlights and analyzing to come up with this list.

10. Defense still wins championships: This is only true when you play in a conference that doesn’t believe in offenses.

9. There are way too many bowls: Little Caesar, Ticket City and Beef O’ Brady. Enough said.

8. The best mascot doesn’t guarantee a win: But the losers still look awesome.

7. I watched most games for the commercials: But only the food ones caught my attention.

6. ACC and Big East should not be BSC Conferences: 2-13 (ACC) and 7-7 (Big East) just don’t cut it.

5. Shootouts are a lot more exciting than chess matches: I’d much rather watch RG3 throw for more than 500 yards over the Honey Badger tackle some guy.

4. Rematches are disappointing: All it proved was that Les Miles is loopy and the SEC has terrible quarterbacks.

3. You can be 2nd in your division and still win the National Championship: Thank you BSC for providing more reasons for a playoff.

2. Kickers need psychiatric help: How hard is it to kick a ball through the uprights? Apparently really hard.


Come on! Just do it already!


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