Benefits of Entering College Without a Major in Mind


Rosalie Boyd, Reporter

Most may think that upon entering college you must know what your major will be or what is planned for you in order to find success after graduation. The assumption is that you must have a set career and be prepared for the future.

If you know what you’re most likely going to major in, that’s great. This may help narrow your choices. But if you haven’t decided on a career choice, that’s great as well.

“Many statistics show that there is only one chance in 10 that a person will be doing anything connected with his or her major in the decade after college,’’ writes Steven Antonoff, author of College Match.

College is a time in one’s life to experience new activities and adventures, all while getting a higher education toward a personal career choice. Most entering college should think of what else they want out of college besides just getting degrees in particular majors.

“Entering collegiate freshmen should also search for academic and social experiences that appeal to them’’ Antonoff writes.

Choices in college are not all about life after college. You should find a place in college through an experience that will make you happy and satisfied no matter what it is. Most college students change their interests throughout their experiences and finalize their majors during the last few years of school.

During college, you’re there to further your education and that’s the main point of it all. College is a time in one’s life to explore the self, experience new opportunities and grow as an individual. You may find a new passion in your life that changes your interest in a career or something may take you away to an interest you would have never expected looking into.

Research and studies show to not stress out as much about choosing that one major you feel entitled to because it may not even stick with you before your graduation. Take the right steps, do your best and let your college major find you by life experiences and opportunities.