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Spartan Post News (SPN) is fully self-supporting, raising funds exclusively through advertising.

Promote your company or product and support the educational goals of our students at the same time.

Advertise with the most viewed news source in Bixby, Oklahoma — SPN online newspaper and SPN TV. Have your message delivered to over 1600 students and faculty in their classrooms once a week during SPN Take 5 news broadcast and hundreds more weekly on our state award-winning website and social media networks. Choose from several packages to suit your needs and budget. Long-term contracts qualify for a discount.

Statistics for SPN Take 5

  • Average number of shows per school year: 27
  • Number of audience members for our show: 1600

Statistics for our website, www.bixbyspn.com, from

  • Average monthly unique visitors from September 1, 2014-February 2015: 4186
  • Yearly average: 32,800 visits

Advertising with SPN will benefit your business in the following ways:

  1. You will be exposed to a large number of potential customers that include students, faculty, parents and people from our community.
  2.  Your ad will feature a link so that potential customers can immediately access your site.
  3. Our subscribers are notified of updates regularly. We update SPN one or two times a week with new stories and content. Thus, potential customers will see your ad several times for maximum impact.
  4. The interactivity of the website encourages students to comment on stories, thus increasing the likelihood that they will visit the site more than once per week.
  5. Our sports scoreboard us updated regularly. Many readers access our site simply to find out the score of the game.
  6. Your advertising dollars support the education goals of the journalism department at Bixby High School.
  • All ads are 300px wide and 250px tall. You can provide a jpg image to us, or we can design an ad for you. There is no charge for this service.
  • Ads run monthly and can be posted anytime during the month
If you would like to advertising with us, please email [email protected] or SPN adviser Dee Harris for a rate card and more details. [email protected]
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