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Behind the scenes: Antigone

Taylor Reeves, Staff Writer

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The auditorium doors open and the voices of the actors and actresses reverberate throughout the walls of the auditorium Monday through Wednesday for several hours each day.

Senior Bailey Workman, who plays the lead, senior Zach Benge, who plays King Creon, and the rest of the cast rehearse their lines to a black brick wall at the back of the stage. Past the brick wall, the aroma of paint fills the air. Paint along the walls and floor gives the room a creative feel. Heavy props, scenery, and the rushing of people are what is found behind the scenes of the fall production of Antigone.

The crew, the people behind the scenery that make and lift the props that appear onstage, take up to 45 seconds to set up and 30 to take off. The minimum number of props “allows the crowd to use their imagination for all of the scenery throughout the play,” says Malachi McSherry, who plays the Messenger. “We chose to take Antigone to the drama competition because it is a dramatic play that makes the audience think, and it only contains one 45-minute set.”

All of the effort from the cast and crew will  make the production unforgettable!

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Behind the scenes: Antigone