The Equalizer Equals Surprisingly Good

The Equalizer Equals Surprisingly Good

Garrett Wheeler, Opinions Editor

This film, right from the get go, has multiple factors working in its favor. You have the director: Antoine Fuqua, the star: Denzel Washington, and the cinematographer: Harry Gregson-Williams; all of whom worked on the Oscar winning movie Training Day, which I have never seen but totally should. Anyway, this movie is based on the old TV show of the same name, and when I told my parents about this movie, they got extremely excited. This just seemed like the right movie choice for a review. My expectations, however, were pretty low. I just thought it would be your average action flick which someone would watch, enjoy, and then forget the next day. What I didn’t expect was how great this movie was.

Like I said, The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, Marton Csokas as Teddy, and Chloe Grace Moretz as Teri. Robert hopes he has put his past behind him and becomes ready for a nice and quiet life. However, that all changes when he meets Teri, a girl that is being controlled by the Russian mafia, lead by Teddy. Seeing all the abuse that they are giving Teri, Robert has to step in and help, as he goes back to doing what he did in the past that he’s trying to leave behind.

One of the best things about this movie is, of course, Denzel himself. This dude is such a great actor. He has a knack for being such a charismatic guy while containing such a serious face. And let’s not forget how much of a threat this guy is. Most of the time, he’s a pretty chill guy, but if he gets pissed off, then death will happen. He is so cool!

Speaking of death, this movie is very, very, very brutal. Lots of blood, lots of gore, lots of crunchy sound effects. It’s hard to watch sometimes, but all in all, these executions are very satisfying to watch. And some of the weapons used to kill these Russian baddies are just very clever. Denzel kills bad guys with bottle openers, hedge trimmers, a nail gun, a drill, a miniature sledge hammer, and even propane tanks in a microwave. All of them are just so awesome to watch; just expect to squirm here and there. I know my mom did.

When this movie is not showing brutal murders, it gives the viewer a great deal of suspense. The movie does a great job keeping the viewer on edge and completely focused on what’s going on. There is even a moment when I forgot reality existed because the suspense was executed so well. I’ll get to that scene in a bit.

The score of this movie is absolutely awesome. Every song is either foreboding or intense and is just pleasing to listen to. It uses a lot of keyboards to really drive out its edge. There’s also a lot of beautiful melodies to listen to, especially near the beginning of the movie. It’s great stuff.

Let’s also not forget how awesome the sound design is. The viewer can feel every punch, every gun shot, and every stab. The sound leaves a big impact and gives the viewer a satisfied feeling deep in their gut. It’s awesome.

The Equalizer does have a few problems, however. The movie is pretty convenient at times, making it lose its realism. The pacing was also a little slow in places especially at the beginning. And the movie has its fair share of clichés. For example, the bad guys are Russian. How many times have you seen that before?

There are two scenes in this movie that have stuck with me since I saw it. The first one was the scene where Denzel and Marton are talking in a diner. This scene is written so well and has some dark and philosophical subject matter in it. This is one of the many scenes that shows Denzel as a true threat. And that closing line just rocks. The movie is definitely worth watching just for that scene.

The other scene is the home improvement store stake-out scene near the end of the movie. This scene is awesome. It’s like a stealth mission you’d see in Metal Gear Solid except with tools. This part is intense, suspenseful, and flat out brutal. Some of the ways Denzel kills these baddies are just insane. And the epic music in the background just adds to the scene’s awesome factor.

I was not expecting The Equalizer to be as great as it was. In fact, I was thinking this movie was just going to be average. Boy, was I wrong! If you like Denzel Washington and/or brutal killings, you will like this movie. The Equalizer is definitely equals a fun time at the theater.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10. This is definitely worth a trip to the theater.