Fury is a Tank of Emotions

Fury is a Tank of Emotions

Garrett Wheeler, Opinions Editor

You might be able to tell that we’re in Oscar season. You know, that period of the year where the possible contenders for the Oscars get released? Yeah, that. The next entry for this category is the next war epic, Fury, directed by David Ayer, who directed movies such as End of Watch and Street Kings. I had a feeling this movie would be good right from the beginning. And hey, I was right! That’s why you never doubt yourself.

Fury stars Brad Pitt as Don, Shia LaBeouf as Boyd,  Logan Lerman as Norman Ellison, Michael Pena as Trini, and Jon Bernthal as Grady. Don is the leader of a tank squad called Fury, who contains Boyd (the tank shooter), newcomer Norman (the machine gunner), Trini  (the tank driver), and Grady (the tank loader). The story is about the tank squad during the time of World War 2. That’s really the entire plot, and now we have our movie.

The acting in this movie is very good. Every important person in this movie does a great job bringing their character to life. Brad Pitt does a great job as the stern leader, Logan Lerman does great as the rookie, hot-shot kid, and Shia LaBeouf surprised me with his performance. I’m not the biggest Shia LaBeouf fan, with all his antics about paper bags and “not being famous anymore”, but he does a great job in this movie. There isn’t one weak performance in this movie.

The dialogue was also really good. Every conversation in this movie felt so genuine. There were certain bantering moments in the movie where I was thinking “this sounds like a conversation that military soldiers would have.” It felt so real.

The characters, however, weren’t my favorite. Why? Because they’re so unlikeable! Logan’s character is without a doubt the most likeable and relatable character in this movie. Brad Pitt’s character isn’t the nicest guy out there, but at the same time, it’s easy to see where he’s coming from. Shia LaBeouf’s character has his moments where he’s unlikeable, but overall he’s alright. It’s Michael Pena’s and Jon Bernthal’s characters that are truly awful, especially Jon Bernthal’s character. Those two are just disgusting human beings, up to a point where I genuinelly wouldn’t care when something bad happened to them. I get it, they’re supposed to be hardened, military men, but I would’ve liked something that would give these guys some credibility.

Now, when you walk into a war movie, one of the things you’d be expecting would be great war scenes. And let me tell you, Fury absolutely delivers. The fights are absolutely intense and brutal. They grab the viewer right from the beginning and never let go, which is awesome.

What helps the action be even more awesome is the excellent sound design. Every bullet shot is like a gut punch. You feel every blow, every shot, every explosion. It’s fantastic.

The setting of this movie is absolutely impeccable. The world that the director sets up is very gruesome and dark, yet beautiful with the stunning use of cinematography. Everything in this movie looks fantastic. This movie also has little details that just add onto how believable of a setting this is. For example, Brad Pitt’s character is walking into another one of the American bases. As he walks past a building, in the background, you can see a whole bunch of Nazi soldiers lined up, sticking their noses on the wall in that form of punishment back a long time ago. It’s minor things like that that add to the realism of this movie and I applaud David Ayer for that.

One of the best things about this movie is the musical score. The man who wrote the music for this movie is named Steven Price. He also worked the musical score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and composed the music for Gravity, so you know he is legit. This man has created some absolutely beautiful, sweeping, epic, intense, and brooding music with a full orchestra. This man is an absolute genius.

Fury’s biggest problem, other than the unlikeable soldiers, is its second act. Almost nothing happens in it. The story telling just seems to drop off into filler. There’s this one scene where Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman invade this German lady’s house where she and her cousin are pretty much forced to care for them. And after about twenty minutes of this, the scene still hasn’t ended. No exaggeration. The scene just keeps going and going and going. Honestly, if the director took that entire scene out, nothing else would really change. It was an unnecessary scene, and a long one at that.

Fury is a great movie. While it may be overhyped a little, it’s still executed very well. It definitely has its emotional punch that all war epics have. If you like these kinds of movies, then you should absolutely watch it. Fury is definitely a movie that’s worth a shot at watching.

I give this movie an 8 out of 10. You should watch this in the theaters at least once.