Deadpool is a Pool of Excellence

Garrett Wheeler, Editor in Chief

Ever since the animated test footage of Deadpool was released in 2014, I’ve been incredibly excited for this movie. And with each sequential trailer, along with the absolutely genius marketing campaign, my hype just kept building higher and higher. Now that Valentine’s Day has rolled around, Deadpool is finally here, and I can gladly say this is not the Deadpool from X-Men Origins. This is the Deadpool we all know and love, and it’s fantastic.

Deadpool is the classic, comedic super “hero” from Marvel. He talks a lot, breaks the fourth wall, and kills a lot of people, and manages to make many people laugh hysterically. Once again, he’s portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, but this time, his mouth isn’t sewn shut, thankfully.

Wade Wilson meets a girl, played by Morena Baccarin, they fall in love, and Wade gets diagnosed with cancer. He meets with a secret organization that cures his cancer, but manage to completely disfigure his appearance, as well as become impervious to death, giving him healing properties similar to Wolverine. Unpleased with what happened, Wade Wilson becomes Deadpool and attempts to track down the man who did this to him.

The plot to this movie is very simple. It’s very easy to follow and doesn’t feel overly complicated in any right. This fact almost plays to a fault because the story feels a little by-the-numbers. However, the movie makes up for it by providing us a phenomenal script. This movie is absolutely hysterical. There are so many jokes thrown at you, and almost all of them work. There were so many moments throughout the runtime where I was laughing out loud, and when I wasn’t laughing, I had a stupid grin growing on my face. The script was hilarious, clever, and very well written.

The performances are also really good. Ryan Reynolds absolutely kills it as Deadpool. He nails the humor, the energy, the intensity, the emotion, and everything else in-between. He’s not the Deadpool we got in X-Men Origins and that is very refreshing to see. He has great chemistry with the rest of the cast, which also did well in this movie, and it lead to a lot of exciting, fourth wall breaking hilarity. This was a phenomenal cast.

I thought the action was very well executed. This is Tim Miller’s first ever full length film that he directed, and you’d never tell. Every scene is captured beautifully with very little shaky-cam and very little fast cuts. The action also uses great choreography and lots of blood. It’s exciting, intense, fun, and violent; exactly what I was looking for in a Deadpool movie.

Deadpool was one of the most fun theater experiences I’ve ever had. The culmination of a great script, phenomenal performances, fascinating characters, exciting action, and the fact that this movie is rated R made Deadpool incredibly fun to watch. If I had any nitpick, it’s the fact that the plot is a little too familiar, but then again, the plot worked. The film hit all the right notes and was an overall blast to watch. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should absolutely watch it. Just keep in mind that this movie is rated R.