Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dawns Mixed Feelings

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Dawns Mixed Feelings

It’s finally here. One of the most anticipated movies of the year has finally been released– Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I was incredibly hyped for this movie due to my love of comic book movies and my love of these characters, particularly Batman. However, due to the questionable casting choices of Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg, as well as that one trailer that spoiled way too much, I got very skeptical. Luckily, there is a lot in this movie that I absolutely loved. That being said, there is just as much in this movie that I did not like, which left me in a torn state walking out of the theater.

This movie takes place right where Man of Steel left off. Superman, played by Henry Cavill, has been labeled as an alien, and due to the events of the previous movie, many people in Metropolis debate on if Superman is the kind of hero that they need. This causes a political outcry in the city, and everyone is either with Superman or against him. Batman, played by Ben Affleck, is in the latter category, and wants to take him down. During this whole debacle, Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, creates an evil scheme to take down both Superman and Batman. Will they set aside their differences to take down Lex Luthor, or will Batman and Superman fight to the death and destroy each other from the inside out?

I’m going to start with what I liked, and I promise, there’s quite a bit. For starters, I absolutely loved Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. He was interesting, gruff, well written, and kicked a lot of butt. He is treated almost like a villain in some parts, but you can see his motives on why he’s doing what he’s doing. Ben Affleck did a phenomenal job portraying this beloved character for the big screen. He was my favorite part of the movie.

This movie is absolutely gorgeous. The cinematography is phenomenal with a beautifully dark and gritty look. The special effects, while over-exaggerated at some points, are wonderful and look very real. The way that Zack Snyder frames shots, from the conversation scenes to the dream sequences to the action scenes, are all done masterfully. Zack Snyder has an eye for visuals, and this movie beautifully exemplifies his vision.

The actual fight between Batman and Superman is great. It’s intense, brutal, gritty, and a lot of fun to watch. One of my biggest concerns was this fight scene, not as much of how it’s shot, but more of the fact that it would naturally be an uneven match. However, my fears were put to rest, because the fight was thrilling. It was a great scene that satisfied me to watch.

I also really liked the philosophies that this movie brought to the table. There were a lot of elements in the story that really got you thinking about what’s at stake. Whether it’s through character motivation or spoken dialogue, it was interesting to see.

However, these elements weren’t always consistent. This is where I have to start being negative.

The story of Batman v Superman is sloppy. The way that Zack Snyder tells this story feels very disjointed. It jumps from one plot point to another so abruptly that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. There’s so much going on at once, making the entire experience seem confused and choppy. If they took out certain scenes and certain plot points, there would be a lot more focus and the pacing wouldn’t feel so slow. Plus, there were some key plot elements that I won’t spoil that I found incredibly stupid and rushed. That was a shame to see.

The editing was horrible. Scenes transitioned into each other very choppy and a lot of the scene changes felt abrupt and rushed. This plays into why I think the plot was sloppy. The way this movie was edited made the plot a mess, and the way this movie was written made the editing a mess. The way this film is structured is so all over the place that it’s really hard to enjoy this film.

I feel like all of the supporting cast was wasted talent. Jeremy Irons was great as Alfred and Gal Gadot made a decent Wonder Woman, but everyone else was just kind of there. Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Holly Hunter, and the rest of the supporting cast all acted fine, but they were underutilized and seemed to be phoning it in, which is a shame because these are all talented actors.

And then there’s Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. This was, without question, the most controversial casting choice for this entire movie, and after watching the film, I completely understand why. Lex Luthor should’ve been played by someone else. He portrayed Lex as an overly eccentric, borderline insane genius and I’m not sure if this was the right way to go. It’s not so much that I hate the portrayal, but the way he performed this portrayal. There were some moments when Jesse Eisenberg was menacing, but most of the time, he reminded me of a cartoon character. This is such a miscast.

I also wasn’t too fond of the Doomsday fight. The reveal of Doomsday was another controversial choice to this addition, and again, I understand why. This fight is bloated, overly flashy, and does away with any kind of interesting philosophies the movie was using. This fight was just white noise and flashing colors.

Despite what you may think, I didn’t hate Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. There were elements I absolutely loved. However, there’s just as much that I hated, probably even more so. So in the end, I think this movie is… okay. Just okay. This movie is absolutely worth watching just for the Batman vs Superman fight at the end, but I’d suggest waiting until it’s released in the dollar theater.