Top 10 Must Anticipated Movies of the Summer 2016

Top 10 Must Anticipated Movies of the Summer 2016

Now that we’re in May, the Summer movie season has officially begun. This is the point in the year where all of the biggest and best blockbusters get released into theaters. There are many movies in this season that I’m looking forward to, but I managed to narrow the list down to just ten. The only rule for this list is that the movie has to be released to the public sometime between May and August. Also, I’m not going to put Captain America: Civil War on here because it’s already out in theaters, according to the publication of this article. Otherwise, Civil War would’ve made it in the top two. With that being said, here’s my list of the top ten most anticipated movies of the summer movie season of 2016.

Honorable mentions (movies I’m looking forward to, but aren’t on the official list): The Nice Guys, Independence Day: Resurgence, Captain Fantastic, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond, Jason Bourne, Sausage Party, Kubo and the Two Strings, War Dogs

10. Warcraft


Movies based on videogames tend to be terrible, but Warcraft seems interesting. They’re working with a huge lore with sprawling environments and races, and it seems to translate pretty well to the trailers. I’m hoping the CGI isn’t too distracting, though. We don’t want another  Gods of Egypt on our hands. This movie interests me because it could be the first good videogame based movie, and the fact that it’s a fantasy setting isn’t bad either. Warcraft isn’t higher on the list because of the awful track record videogame movies have at this point, but I’m keeping an open mind to this one.

9. Central Intelligence


If I hadn’t seen the trailer for Central Intelligence, I wouldn’t even care about this movie. However, I did see the trailer, and this movie looks hysterical. I’m just hoping that they didn’t spoil all of their best jokes in the trailer, which is what a lot of comedies tend to do, sadly. But still, I’m looking forward to this one.

8. The Founder


You might be asking yourself, “why on earth would you be excited for this movie?” Well, for starters, this movie starts Michael Keaton, who’s been on a role lately with his films. Secondly, this is the true story of how McDonalds came to be, and these types of stories interest me. And lastly, this movie seems like it’s focuses on great dialogue and great performances, which is incredibly entertaining to see. It looks funny, dramatic, informative, and possibly worthy of a few Oscar nominations. I’m definitely excited for this one.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Alright, the placement of this one might need some explaining. I avoided the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, mainly because it didn’t look good. There was nothing about the trailers that interested me, and according to critics and viewers alike, they felt the same way. So when I heard there would be a sequel, I rolled my eyes. But then the trailer was released, and I’m completely on board with this one. I’m not sure what in this trailer pulled me in. Maybe it was the fact that the turtles were shown in most of the trailers. Maybe it’s because Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang all made appearances. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re actually getting Shredder and not Mecha-Shredder. Whatever the case, this movie actually looks good and I’m totally ready to see it.

6. Swiss Army Man


In this movie, Danielle Radcliffe stars as a farting corpse, and he and a stranded islander work together to make their way back to civilization. Need I say more?

5. The BFG


Steven Spielberg is back, making his first voyeur into childlike imagination since Jurassic Park. I know so little about this movie, but I’m fascinated with what Spielberg is going to offer. All I know is that this movie involves giants. That’s it. Why does this interest me so much? Like I said, this movie looks like it’s full of imagination and wonder and fantasy– all things I love in films like these. And did I mention this is directed by Steven Spielberg? I know I did, but still, I feel like I need to capitalize on that. I love Steven Spielberg.

4. Finding Dory


Any chance I can see a new Pixar film, I’m going to take it. While this isn’t The Incredibles 2, I’m looking forward to see what else Pixar has up its sleeve in the ocean world. I’m hoping that this movie turns out good, because Pixar is pretty hit-and-miss with its sequels. Sure, they created Toy Story 2 and 3, but they also did Cars 2 and Monsters University (which is technically a prequel, but you know what I mean). All I’m saying is that I really want this movie to be good because I like Dory and I love this company. I have faith in them.

3. Batman: The Killing Joke


This one might be a bit of a stretch because this movie technically isn’t being released in theaters, but I don’t care. Batman: The Killing Joke looks too incredible to not be on this list. This is the first ever R-rated Batman movie to ever be released, and this movie looks dark, gritty, creepy, and straight up disturbing. And the fact that this is an animated movie produced by Warner Brothers is all the more commendable. I’m hoping this will make up for this disappointment that was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2. X-Men Apocalypse


The X-Men has always been my personal favorite superhero team, so naturally, I would be excited for this. However, there’s something about this next installment that pushes my anticipation to an even larger amount. It’s because of the dark, post-apocalyptic (no pun intended) nature and setting of the film, as well as the stakes that this film promises, that both intrigues me and invigorates me. This new series of X-Men movies hasn’t disappointed me so far, and I hope this movie continues the streak.

1. Suicide Squad


Acting as an obvious choice for number one, Suicide Squad looks like an absolute blast. I always love a good anti-hero, and this film has a wonderful cast of insane criminals acting as heroes. It looks clever, dark, witty, intense, and exciting. The Bohemian Rhapsody trailer alone pumped my excitement up to newfound heights. It looks like a movie that can mend the damage that the previous DC movie caused.

Here’s to a great summer movie season!