Captain America: Civil War is Civil Excellence

Captain America: Civil War is Civil Excellence

The second big superhero gladiator battle is finally here with Captain America: Civil War. The first one to be released was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was an incredibly disappointing movie. There were some good parts, but it was an overall mess. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Captain America: Civil War— a movie so deep, so well put together, and so much fun to watch, it all culminates into a film that’s not only the best in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also results in one of the best superhero films of all time.

Captain America: Civil War continues the story carried out by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this movie, the government acknowledges the acts committed by the Avengers and notice the death and destruction they leave in their wake when conquering evil. This causes the government to send an accord to the team so that the government can own the rights of the team. One one hand, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is all for it, while Captain America (Chris Evans) is against it. This causes a rift in the team and they must face off against each other to determine the fate of the team and of each other.

This is the deepest and most thought provoking plot that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pulled yet, full of intrigue, conflict, and believable character motivations. You can easily see where each character is coming from, and it prevents the situation from being black and white. The two opposing sides are logical and leads to a lot of realistic and surprisingly emotional conflict between the characters. This was very nice to see because of how down to earth and understandable the whole situation is. It’s like your average presidential debate, except Civil War is far more entertaining than arguing about politics.

Speaking of entertainment, that’s exactly what this movie is– entertaining. This movie has a lot of exciting action with incredible stunts, awe inspiring special effects, and a tensity that never seems to leave throughout the entire movie. There is some shaky-cam in certain parts of the film, but it’s never to the point where it’s nauseating. Every single frame was captured incredibly well, and every fight scene was beautifully choreographed. Anytime a fight scene came on, the movie became incredibly exciting.

The characters in this film were very well developed, very well acted, and very realized. Like I already said, every character had believable motivations to where I completely understood why they were doing them. You could even sympathize with the villain in this one, played by Daniel Bruhl, who is probably the best villain in the MCU since Loki.

The performances were great. Of course Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, as well as the returning cast, all did great in their roles, but the new additions were also phenomenal. I loved Chadwick Bozeman as Black Panther. He was likable, relatable, and his motivations were clear and understood. However, the real show stealer was Tom Holland as Spiderman. This kid killed it. He was funny, relatable, quirky, smart, and all around well realized and performed. This kid is going to get a lot of work in the future from this movie, I’m sure of it.

The only nitpick I have for this movie (and trust me, this is one of the smallest nitpick you could ever possibly conceive) is that I think the title was a little misleading. It’s titled Captain America: Civil War, but it’s more of an Avengers movie if anything. Keep in mind that all of the focus is not on Captain America. Seriously, that’s the only nitpick I have. This movie is phenomenal.

Captain America: Civil War is a movie that has everything. It has action, suspense, intrigue, great dialogue, and raises thought provoking questions. This is a movie that’s going to be considered as a classic in the future. Captain America: Civil War really is the best MCU movie we have yet and is a great start to Phase 3.