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A Case for Teachers Carrying Guns

A man carries a concealed pistol in a specialized holster. His shirt would normally cover the weapon.

Marshal Bates, Reporter

April 26, 2018

The recent debate of gun control has peaked after the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz is accused of using an AR-15 to kill 17 people. People’s reactions to this tragedy on Feb. 14 are what to be expected. Students across t...

On the Parkland Shootings: One Month Later

Bixby High School students participate in the National Student Walkout Day to protest school shootings

Rebecca Rayon, Reporter

March 14, 2018

The 18th school shooting of 2018 occurred in Parkland, Florida, exactly a month ago today. A former student using an assault rifle has been charged with the murders of 14 children and three adults. Many articles written about this school shooting haven’t just said, “former student”; they ha...

Help Needed Before Shootings Occur

A sign at Marjory Stone Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Spencer Holmes, Reporter

March 2, 2018

In the light of the most recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many “thoughts and prayers” were sent to the victims and their families. While that’s fine, renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson states, “Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates tha...

On Flying an LGBTQ Flag

On Flying an LGBTQ Flag

Ralph Bernhardt, SPN and Spartan Shield staff member

February 6, 2018

During last week’s Bixby High Blackout Pep Rally, students were encouraged to bring American flags. Among the large, traditional Stars and Stripes, the Thin Blue Line flags of law enforcement and dozens of miniature hand-held flags, one stood out. In coordination with several other students, I brought a rainbow...

The Social and Literal Costs of Psychiatric Medicines

The Social and Literal Costs of Psychiatric Medicines

Heather Randolph, Reporter

May 9, 2017

“How have you been feeling lately?,” you are asked. You pause while trying to say each word carefully. You describe the lack of joy in everyday things, the unwillingness to get out of bed, the sleepless nights and the nightmares that control the few hours you do sleep. You tell the psychiatrist ho...

Socially acceptable racism?

Several hundred Muslims demonstrated across the street from the United Nations Feb. 5, 2006 to protest cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad that were published in newspapers across Europe.

Karis Konkler, Reporter

October 31, 2016

In the last hundred years, mankind has made unprecedented advances in civil rights ranging  from the desegregation of schools in the 1950's to the recent legalization of same sex marriage in the last year; but we are facing what could be a major setback in the world of civil rights. Ever since th...

A Dangerous Shroud of Ignorance – Abstinence-only Sex Education

A Dangerous Shroud of Ignorance - Abstinence-only Sex Education

Jacob Jackson

April 29, 2016

A few months ago I walked into my high school's nurse's office, trying to get permission to leave school due to being sick. While I was in there, I noticed a poster with the title "If You Decide To Have Sex You May Experience Things That Are Wild And Unnatural." The poster proceeded to list, in a particularly...

Chocolate Almond Podcast – EP 9

Chocolate Almond Podcast - EP 9

Jacob Jackson and Cyrus Ghavami

April 11, 2016

In this episode, your two favorite ethnic men discuss prom 2016, body image, senior skip day, and much much more.

Batman V. Superman: The Worst Superhero Movie Ever?

Batman V. Superman: The Worst Superhero Movie Ever?

Grant Galvin, SPN Reprter

March 30, 2016

Before I start, I need to say a few things: this will not be a review of the movie nor will I be reviewing it. We already have someone who reviews movies on the website. I'm here to talk about the negative feedback this movie has gotten from critics and explain what they are trying to say in their reviews. We...

Are Internet Friends Legitimate?

Are Internet Friends Legitimate?

Jacob Jackson

March 29, 2016

Due to the giant wave of social media platforms, online multiplayer video gaming, and other cyber-catalysts for globalization, the concept of "internet friends" is prevalent in today's society. This, paired with the somewhat recent emergence on online dating, raises an important question: can you truly...

Chocolate Almond Episode 8

Chocolate Almond Episode 8

Cyrus Ghavami and Jacob Jackson

March 29, 2016

The boys are back and discuss everything from Tinder and spring break, to upcoming games!

Femme Talk Episode 4

Femme Talk Episode 4

Cassidy Reed and Lisa Mitchener

March 23, 2016

Cassidy and Lisa discuss Women's and Gender Studies with Lisa Wilson, Professor of Theatre and Women's Studies at Tulsa University. We discuss feminism, in a general way, with a woman more educated on the subject than us, and she lends us more wisdom than we could have asked.   You can find Lisa Wilson @ https://fa...

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