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SPN Take Five 2.2.15

Asher Huskinson take a music break from the weekly shoot.

Asher Huskinson, Griffin Miller, Hannah Perry, Austin Mehta, Karis Konkler, and Keith Oler

February 1, 2015

Here are your weekly announcements. After being off for two Mondays, we are excited to be back with more information and recognition. Enjoy this episode of SPN Take Five, dedicated to music because February 3rd is known as the day music died. Watch and find out why.

SPN Take Five 1.12.15

SPN Take Five 1.12.15

Karis Konkler, Griffin Miller, Asher Huskinson, Hannah Perry, Keith Oler, Jacob DeLoache, and Austin Mehta

January 11, 2015

Here are your weekly announcements. Our next episode will not be until February 2.

SPN Take Five 12.15.14

Alexis Frazier with Paul James,

Victoria Fouke, Charles Christy, Keith Oler, Margo Fahringer, Grace Kramer, Melissa Wright, Sydney McCollum, Brad Portway, Morgan Stewart, Brennan Hooper, and Gavin Moore

December 15, 2014

Enjoy the weekly announcements and SPN's Holiday Special with feature packages. Special thanks to Southwood Nursery and Paul James ("The Gardner Guy") for in kind services.

SPN Take Five 12.8.14

SPN Take Five 12.8.14

December 8, 2014

It's National Brownie Day. Find out how the brownie came to be, congratulate some outstanding students and find out what's going on this week.

SPN Take Five 11.24.14

SPN Take Five 11.24.14

Mackenzie McCollum, Hannah Perry, Evan Murlette, Ben Diebert, Austin Wainscott, Haley Blackwell, Keith Oler, and Sydney McCollum

November 23, 2014

Here are the weekly announcements for Bixby High School and Bixby 9th Grade Center. Have a safe Thanksgiving break. SPN Take 5 will see you again on December 8th.

SPN Take Five 11.17.14

Amy Karnes's family settled in Oklahoma before statehood. Nellie Gertrude Graves Randolph started kindergarten in Bixby.  It was private at first. Then when the state mandated free for all, her classroom standards were used as a model for state standards. She insisted on teaching her students to read.

Victoria Fouke, Alexis Frazier, Melissa Wright, Keith Oler, Sydney McCollum, and Charles Christy

November 17, 2014

Here are your weekly announcements. This week we celebrate Oklahoma's 107th birthday.

SPN Take Five 11.10.14

This weeks word of the week is Courtesy.

Margo Fahringer, Cyrus Ghavami, Grace Kramer, Sydney McCollum, Keith Oler, and Melissa Wright

November 9, 2014

Here are you weekly announcements and a kickoff for Bixby High School's Veteran's week video components.

SPN Take Five 11.3.14

SPN Take Five 11.3.14

Charles Christy, Ben Deibert, Rachel Brooks, Morgan Stewart, Sydney Smith, Asher Huskinson, Austin Mehta, and Sydney McCollum

November 2, 2014

Here are your weekly announcements.

How to carve a disco pumpkin.

How to carve a disco pumpkin.

Keith Oler, SPN-TV Reporter

October 27, 2014

SPN Take Five 10.27.14

SPN Take Five 10.27.14

Sydney McCollum, Hannah Perry, Hayden Jackson, Victoria Fouke, Bryan Lee, Evan Murlette, Keith Oler, and Alexis Frazier

October 27, 2014

Here are the weekly announcements for October 27-31.  

SPN Take Five 10.13.14

SPN Take Five 10.13.14

Keith Oler, Sophie Parker, Grace Kramer, Karis Konkler, and Sydney McCollum

October 13, 2014

Here are your weekly announcements for October 13-15. SPN Take Five will see you again on October 27. Congratulations to the 2014 NCDA All-District Honor Choir members Senior High Honor Choir 2014: Kent Huddleston, junior, bass Denver King, junior, tenor Nicole Lueker, senior, alto Noah Osborn...

SPN Take Five 10.6.14

SPN Take Five 10.6.14

Sydney McCollum, Haley Blackwell, Austin Wainscott, Chad Clock, and Griffin Miller

October 5, 2014

These are your weekly announcements for the week of homecoming.

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