To morph or not to morph

Savana Claxton, Reporter

Bixby High School experienced a new kind of school spirit during the week of homecoming when a group of unidentified students used different colored morphsuits — a stretchy, head-to-toe bodysuit — to support their class to help win Spirit Week events.

The Morph Men’s undying energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on other students as these static electrifying, too-tight spandex suits were mixed and matched for a variety of occasions creating a kind of morph magic. Who knew these suits could adjust to fit into Neon Day, Toga Day, and Would You Be My Friend If I Dressed Like This Day. Some students said, “No.”  Friend or not, their spirit ignited a great amount of energy, which was sensed by all.

The colors varied from student to student: some wore electric-blue, others black. Lime green’s brightness was blinding. The choices are endless.

Suits typically cost around $20 (used) and $50 (new), and they come in all colors of the rainbow. There are also suits designed in specific patterns such as alien, tuxedo, the American flag, zombie, and even camouflage.

Other than the general identifying characteristic that these morphsuit-wearers are, in fact, male, their identities remain a mystery. No one has yet to step forward.

Their reasoning behind doing what they do is just as shrouded in mystery as the faces of the individuals themselves.