Bixby Duet undercolor Makes Some Catchy Tunes

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Bixby Duet undercolor Makes Some Catchy Tunes

Grace Suntken

Grace Suntken

Grace Suntken

Grace Suntken

Anna Hermes, Reporter

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Finding a passion is difficult for many of us. However, this task was simple for Grace Suntken and Ricky Saucedo.

Suntken, a Bixby High School senior, lives and breathes music. She plays guitar, ukulele and piano and has tried the bass guitar and drums as well. With bright blue hair, she is a creative spirit.

Saucedo, a 2015 Bixby High graduate, plays guitar and drums and is an aspiring author. After attending Tulsa Technology Center for sound engineering and earning awards in that field, he takes classes at Tulsa Community College.

Saucedo and Suntken make a perfect team. With his hyper, enthusiastic personality and her quiet, happy spirit, they balance each other out. Their band, undercolor, plays acoustic, folk-like music.

Ricky Saucedo

The duo met in 2011 when Saucedo was 14 and Suntken 12. They were mutual friends with a fellow neighbor.

“It was September 10th,” Suntken says. “It was nighttime.”

The two seem to remember the day well.

“I started playing music to impress Grace,” Saucedo says. “I told everyone that I could play guitar, but I couldn’t.”

He began starting to take playing music seriously once he met Suntken. Meanwhile, Suntken first began playing music with the neighbor who introduced her and Saucedo.

“We would play Paramore songs,” she says. “I would sing and she would play guitar.”

Because the Suntken and her neighbor only had one singer and one guitar, Suntken decided to try her hand at the guitar.

In 2012, Saucedo and Suntken began practicing together. Both sing and play guitar. They write music together and separately.

Saucedo is now saving money for college while Suntken is still balancing homework with performing.

The pair’s households are full with instruments. When entering Suntken’s home, one immediately sees a giant drum set, a piano, a keyboard and three guitars. Saucedo’s home is slightly chaotic because he is the second oldest of five children. In his room are two guitars. He likes to play the drum set at Suntken’s home.

Suntken’s family is also musical. Her dad plays the drums while her mom plays the piano. Her dad was in a band called The Fourth Moon. Her mom used to give piano lessons.

The two play music like it’s their religion. Both write almost all the time. Saucedo takes inspiration from his Mexican heritage.

“My parents risked a lot coming here,” he says. “My family is really important.”

He also loves Star Wars, Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

Suntken takes inspiration from films and bands. Some of her favorite bands include Paramore, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco. Her favorite movies are Coraline, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

Saucedo and Suntken have played a few places in the Tulsa area. Some of their favorites are the Gypsy Coffeehouse and Guthrie Green. Suntken has even opened up for a band in Fayetteville, Arkansas. A few Tuesdays every month, the duo perform at the Gypsy Coffeehouse.

Undercolor plans to have music soon on their YouTube channel, “undercolor music.”