Diversity in Schools Helps Students

Riley Pruett, Reporter

Diversity in schools helps students understand others cultures instead of fearing them when they grow into adults.

When students are exposed to different ideas, worldviews and experiences at a young age, they grow up to be more empathetic adults who can relate to everyone around them, according to the Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina.


Kate Creekmore

Ms. Kate Creekmore, principal of the Bixby Ninth Grade Center, says diversity in school has importance because it allows students to see different perspectives.

“They are able to see different ideas and they learn to accept cultures that are different from their own,” says Creekmore, adding that it’s difficult, especially for kids, to see beyond what they know and grow in kind.

Kim Jurkiw

Ms. Kim Jurkiw, an English teacher at Bixby High School and sponsor of the Gay-Straight Alliance, says diversity in schools allows kids who are often labeled as outsiders to identify and make connections with other kids around them.

“When we have a pluralistic society like America, we get the best of the best,” she says. “Of course, there are conflicts with the many differences among people, but those differences still enrich us.”  

Diversity increases a person’s potential for success, especially in the lives of minorities, who don’t usually get the same opportunities as other people, according to the Queens University of Charlotte study.

Terry Adams

Terry Adams, principal at Bixby High, says he is impacted daily by diversity.

“As humans, we should all strive for ourselves and others to be treated equally,” says Adams, stressing that diversity allows kids to understand that the entire world is different from the United States.

Teaching kids to appreciate others no matter how different not only makes the world a better place but also a safer one. Kids who learn diversity in schools learn to be more tolerant and grow in empathy, according to the Queens University report. America is a melting pot filled with all different kinds of people with all different kinds of idea.