The Perks of Being a Vegan


Rosalie Boyd

Makayla Andrew, Reporter

Good nutrition is important if you want to promote your overall health. This why Rosalie Boyd, a 16-year-old sophomore at Bixby High School, became a vegan.

In addition to being vegetarian, vegans do not use any animal products. This includes eggs, dairy products, honey, meats, gelatin and creams. Boyd decided to become a vegan for a healthier body.

“To make my body more healthy, I reduced my saturated fats, have higher fiber and more carbohydrates,” she says.

Since her eating adjustments, Boyd says she’s lost 15 pounds. She’s also done research on how this diet change can help your heart, such as having a less chance for heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes.

“It was not hard at all to become a vegan,” Boyd says. “I have never been addicted to or enjoyed fast foods as much as other people, so it wasn’t difficult to cut out those products for my new lifestyle.”

She can drink soda pops but she chooses to only drink water because of dehydration from high sugar and the problems they can cause with your teeth. Problems such as plaque building up on teeth, cavities, and even gum disease can happen from consuming too much sodium.

“These health advantages are also the reason I wants to make my eating changes permanent and I plan on doing so,” Boyd says with confidence.

Animal eating is not something Boyd is against or for. She is neutral. This is because she only became a vegan for health benefits. It did not have to do with her being for or against animal rights. She did not look into research for veganism on the counts of animal cruelty. She describes how she did this for her body. Her new lifestyle has made her become more confident with her body and gain a better self esteem. This is because since viewing her body in better ways she realized that she is treating herself right by not consuming so many unhealthy calories and products.

Wanting other people to become vegan or even vegetarian is not something she cares for. Vegan or not, Boyd respects their life choices and what they choose to eat. People who bash or hate on meat eaters is not something Boyd is for. She thinks that’s everyone should be free to eat anything she wants. Humans should not feel bad about themselves for eating what they choose to enjoy.

After making her decision to become a full on vegan, temptations for any types of  foods do not faze her. If she gets offered non-vegan foods, it isn’t hard to deny. Meat and dairy products are not something Boyd usually preferred the first place.

Boyd is happy with her new life choice and is thankful to have found it and the health benefits it provides. Boyd hopes people struggling with weight, heart or any types of body issues discover this diet and choose it for a better body and a healthier life.