Odd Pleadings that Hostesses Hear

Odd Pleadings that Hostesses Hear

Kinsley Southard, Reporter

Seating people at a crowded, popular restaurant can reveal much about how humans behave in public. Excuses, lies and hyperbole seem to be the norm.

Hostesses Sydney Hayes and Taylor Horn and their managers – Matt Bogle, Dustin Sokalotzky and Kevin Ihrig –  discuss some of what they hear every day at a south Tulsa eatery.


Five common statements that  people make to get off the waiting list:

  • “My dad is 90 years, so he can’t wait.”
  • “We tried to make reservations.”
  • “We have appointments so please give us a table.”
  • “Will you please hold my table? We will be back later.”
  • “I know the general manager.”

Five annoying traits of people waiting to be seated:

  • “When people stare at me, like it is going to get them seated faster.”
  • “When people touch me while they are talking to me.”
  • “When people come in 30 minutes before close.”
  • “When people order drinks from us while we are still seating them to eat.”
  • “When diners ask when they are getting seated.”


Three crazy events:

  • “Someone once drove through the restaurant.”
  • “Someone got married here. We just walked out onto the patio and there was a wedding.”
  • “A tornado once came over the restaurant and Time magazine took a photo of it.”