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Photoshop fakes revealed

Lindsey Hamilton, Reporter

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Photoshop can be magical. Used to edit pictures and models, Photoshop can beautify flaws with the click of a mouse.
While the program has its benefits, it can, however, be used for evil.
Photoshop can be based around the idea of deception — morphing pictures into false perfection.
The lure of bending images to reveal flawless airbrushed perfection is desireable to many. This is not always a bad thing, but for certain companies, too many touchups on celebrity-endorsed advertisements can make or break their reputation.
Researchers at the Department of Science at Dartmouth College felt that these Photoshop fakes needed to be revealed so they created a tool that detects when images have been airbrushed and even has the ability to display what the picture looked like before and after. A heat sensor and lighting differences are used to create a map of where the image has been altered.
True, this may be unflattering, but perhaps it will make an honest person out of us, maybe even show us that looks are not as important as we make them out to be. After all, even models need airbrushing.
Visit to sneak a peak behind the magic curtain.
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Photoshop fakes revealed