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Helping Hurricane-Displaced Animals

Shelters in Tulsa County and around the state take in pets left homeless after Hurricane Harvey.

Rodeo is one of the dogs rescued by BARC Inc.

Rodeo is one of the dogs rescued by BARC Inc.

Rodeo is one of the dogs rescued by BARC Inc.

Emma Warden, Reporter

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Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm that struck Houston and surrounding

areas in late August, left more than 80 people dead and billions of dollars needed for repairing damage.

However, people weren’t the only ones affected by this harmful natural disaster; many

animals also faced trouble and Oklahomans reached out to help.

Animal shelters all around the state took in these animals, even though overpopulation in these facilities has been a problem for the past several years. Oklahoma has about 100,000 abandoned, lost or unwanted animals every year and the United States has more than 6 million.

The Broken Arrow Rescue Corp., which goes by the acronym BARC, helped bring in more than 100 animals from Houston and surrounding areas. President Jamie Cope says BARC helped with over 100 animals from Houston and surrounding areas.

“Some of our organizations served them as a hub,” BARC President Jamie Cope says.

BARC would keep dogs in its care only for a small amount of time to give other shelters in surrounding states time to prepare to keep them long term.

BARC did keep one of the animals. Rodeo is a 3-year-old healer mix who was brought to the shelter about two months ago. He wasn’t completely healthy; he tested positive for heartworms, so he went through a 30-day treatment to become healthy again. He is now well and up for adoption.

The overpopulation of stray and abandoned pets in Oklahoma makes it hard for rescue centers to keep these animals in their care. Many dogs only stayed in these shelters temporarily and were later moved to surrounding states that don’t have the same overpopulation problem as Oklahoma.

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Helping Hurricane-Displaced Animals