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Identifying Signs of Student Crisis

Bixby High holds forum about suicide and its indicators.

Marshal Bates, Reporter

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Bixby High School has taken measures to educate students, parents and faculty about the signs of suicide after a Broken Arrow student jumped to his death after a recent football game.

That student, Jaymeson West age 16, suffered from long-term depression.

Bixby High hosted a community event last month to inform parents and students on how to identify signs of crisis and give them some people to talk to. This event educated them on how to keep loved ones from taking their own lives.

Oklahoma ranks No. 13 in the country with a suicide frequency of 17.2 per 100,000 people, which is 37 percent above the national average. Oklahoma ranks 46th in the nation on per capita spending for those with mental illness.

Bixby principal Terry Adams stresses that there is help available to everyone struggling with depression.

“The first resource for a student is always their counselor or another trusted adult that they feel open enough with to tell them that their struggling,” he says.

The high school’s counselors can be found near the principal’s office and the auditorium. The Ninth Grade Center’s counselor is near the main office.

Adams says helping those with suicidal depression is paramount, especially by “educating the students and the staff on signs of crisis, and train people to be able to help.”

Suicide isn’t openly discussed in schools despite its reality. Adams says the topic can be approached with “community events and training teachers to be able to talk to students.”

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Identifying Signs of Student Crisis