A Bixby Victory in the State House

Assistant principal Melissa Provenzano is elected to the legislature on her education platform.


This shows the collage of gifts presented to Melissa Provenzano at her going-away party at Bixby High School.

Nate Husen, Reporter

The smoke has cleared, election day is over, and our very own Melissa Provenzano is victorious.

The Bixby High assistant principal, who resigned just before being sworn into office in mid-November, is the representative of District 79 in the Oklahoma House.

Principal Terry Adams and assistant principals Wes Coleman and Tina Francis gave Melissa Provenzano this pin for winning a seat in the state legislature.

Provenzano says that while she’d always considered running for elective office, the teacher walk-out in April convinced her to finally go all in and do it. She adds that the cooperation between both Democrats and Republicans and the shared interest in education showed her that Oklahoma’s heart was in the right place.

Provenzano says the most taxing part of campaigning was knocking on doors to engage voters face to face. This was the most effective means to get votes and learn more about her constituents, but knocking on thousands of doors would definitely be exhausting.

Regarding her opponent, Dan Hicks, Provenzano Says that whenever she interacted with him, he was nothing but “positive, friendly and professional.” Clearly there are no hard feelings between these two.

This cooperative and friendly attitude is what Provenzano plans to bring to the House floor by working to make policy with both parties. She says she has a unique perspective because her 20-year career in education gives her a metaphorical “foot in the door” on this issue. She’s seen problems firsthand, so she can weigh in on the solutions with authority.

In addition to education, Provenzano says she plans to fight hardest for health care legislation and criminal justice reform. Her stance on education is clear: more funding and better facilities. She also wants to help all Oklahomans obtain medical insurance and coverage and she wants to see reforms in who we send to prison and why we send them there.