A Victory for Spider-Man

The latest from Sony Animation makes up for previous efforts.


Sony Pictures Animation

Nate Husen, Reporter

I’m going to be frank: When I saw the first trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse , I didn’t have high expectations.

Sony Pictures Animation’s last effort before this one was the Emoji Movie and we all know how that turned out. Fortunately, it has become clear that judging a movie by its studio does not do justice to the film, and I walked away from Spiderverse with my faith in Sony 110 percent restored.

Spiderverse is a movie filled with love – love for the craft that shows through vibrant animation and virtually unknowable comic references and, more importantly, love for the audience watching the movie. This love shows through directors Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman and Robert Persichetti Jr. and their “anti-chosen one” theme and the oft-repeated line, “Anyone can wear the mask,” serving to convey the message the audience, everyone is Spider-man.

The variety of characters, the range of appeals (young people, adults, new fans, superfans) and the multi-genre soundtrack all serve to highlight the best of everyone watching. The picture finds the best in everyone by placing those positive traits in full view on screen.

This solid core theme is backed up by stylized visuals inspired by comic books and musical contributions from artists like Swae Lee, Post Malone, and XXXTentacion. Colorful settings, like graffiti filled subway tunnels,or the loud, chaotic streets of Manhattan, or the snowy forests of upstate New York, offer vibrant and imaginative visuals that stick in the mind of the audience. Action blurbs, like “Crash,” “Bop” and in one case “Bagel,” pop up during fight scenes throughout the movie and give each the zany stylings of a comic book. And while watching all the action in center stage, you should watch the background for the nearly endless Easter eggs and cultural references.

Spiderverse delivers on its promise of an entirely unique Spider-man – or I suppose I should say Spider-people – story. I’m happy to give this movie a full five out of five stars.