Lacrosse Slowly Growing in Popularity


Bixby High freshmen Rachel First (left) and Shauni Vick (center) play on a club team with former Spartan student Rileigh Gaulding.

Rosalia Carrillo, Reporter

Lacrosse is a sport that was not very popular when a small groups of Bixby students began playing. Many of them were told about the sport by freshman Rachel First.

First started to get interested in lacrosse after watching her brother play; she has been participating for five years. At the time no one really knew about the sport, so First went around asking her friends if they knew anyone who was interested in joining a club in need of players.

First and some of her teammates eventually recruited Caleb Lail, Julian Picart and Shauni Vick.

Lail enjoys the intensity and contact part of the game.

“You don’t get in trouble for pushing people down,” he says.

As for the woman’s side of lacrosse, it’s the opposite. When the girls play, they have radar monitors on their sticks and it’s a violation to get too close. As a result, boys and girls teams don’t practice together.

Vick, a center draw, has played for half a season. She played soccer a few years before she was introduced to lacrosse.

“I feel like I am a part of a family,” she says. “It’s fun and they always push me to do better. I’m used to the rush of the game; it feels great coming into it.”

Picart has played for nearly four years.

“Being on the field is my favorite part of it, but to make it work everyone has to have chemistry,” he says. “Lacrosse is a growing sport that offers something new.”