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Kennedy Blankenship
Hello, my name is Kennedy Blankenship and I am a Junior this year! I'm new to SPN, I joined because the program looked so fun! I live with my mom, dad, two sisters and one brother! My family has impacted who I am today in many ways, one main factor is that my older brother, Will, has down syndrome. His constant joy has inevitably crossed over to me. I generally handle any task with happiness. My hobbies include expanding my knowledge, drama, debate, fashion, reading, chess, dance, and television. I have gone to state in drama the past year and regionals the past two years. I recently joined debate to challenge myself, and am enjoying it so far! I have resurrected the dying chess club in our school, and am very proud of that because it is such a welcoming and fun environment for everyone. As a person I prefer a variety of activities rather than falling into one category. I constantly have a full schedule with the class load and activities I have chosen for myself. I would say that I am shy at first, but a very easygoing, kind, and entertaining person once you get to know me! I rarely let anything around me change who I am, I am very comfortable in my own skin!  I love spending time with others and try to make myself amiable to all my peers. My best friend, Megan, and boyfriend, Jackson, are also very important to me, they help me through the average high school obstacles. In the future I see myself attending Columbia and living in New York and trying to be an actress on the side while I pursue an undecided career (as of right now). I've set many goals for myself and I am constantly striving to reach them!

Kennedy Blankenship, SPN TV Reporter

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