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Brennan Hooper
Brennan Hooper is a senior at Bixby High School. He currently is serving as the center snare in the Bixby High School drum-line. He has been a snare player in the drum-line for 4 years, and won two state indoor percussion championships. Brennan’s leadership skills for the drum-line has help him succeed through all parts of school. Brennan enjoys working on computers, and he has built many. His love for computers has also directed him towards his love for video games, and he plans to become a competitive “Counter-Strike” player one day. Brennan produces music in his spare time, and he has gained a small following on the website “Soundcloud” because of it. He has recently been making beats for a rap group at Bixby High School known as “Yung Fam”. Brennan’s love for technology and the arts make him a great addition to the SPN team.

Brennan Hooper, SPN-TV Reporter

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Brennan Hooper