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Gavin Moore
I am Gavin Moore, senior member of SPN, and current Executive Producer for SPN Live. I am also a member of the Pride of Bixby marching band playing baritone and trombone as well as being a part of the leadership team. I began my journey through SPN by being drafted my Freshman year by our teacher, Mrs. Harris, to work as a floating camera operator for an understaffed soccer game, and loved the experience so much that I enrolled for the following year and every year since. For a couple years, I was a part of a group that formed within SPN called Siskiwit, where up to four of my friends and I would produce bonus content like car and tech reviews. In that time, I was working as either director or producer for any Live event that wouldn't conflict with any band performances.

I enjoy playing both the piano and bass (electric and upright) in addition to trombone and baritone, as well as PC gaming and racing (which I did when I was 15 for 5 years and was quite good at it). However, with marching band taking up most of my free time, I just enjoy relaxing, sleeping, and eating any time I have the chance.

Since my time with SPN officially began 3 years ago, I have been awarded "Most Innovative" with Siskiwit and, more importantly, Executive Producer for proficiency in all jobs of the Live crew (camera operator, director, and producer) and setup and teardown of the Live kit (hardware and software). In Band, I was also awarded the Outstanding Junior Brass Player award last year for showing the highest proficiency with my instrument(s) as well as marching ability, as well as making a close 4th chair in the EDBDA All-District band and principle player in the school's Wind Ensemble. I have also been selected for Facilities Lieutenant for 2 consecutive years to be in charge of keeping the band facilities organized and usable.

My goals for my last year in high school is to streamline all SPN Live operations as much as possible, perform my best with the marching band, to maintain a 4.0+ GPA, and to still have fun and enjoy my last year here at Bixby High School and all organizations I'm involved with.

Gavin Moore, SPN-TV Executive Director & Producer

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Gavin Moore