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Reagan Rinehart
Reagan Rinehart is a senior at Bixby, and this is her 4th year involved in SPN Online. This year, Reagan is on the Academic Beat and is the Lifestyle Editor. She enjoys writing, photography, films, music, spending time with her friends, and interacting with new people. She is also fascinated by the mind and the way people think, and hopes to persue a career in psychology. She is always willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice. School is very important to her, and maintaining good grades is her highest priority. Her years in newspaper have taught her how to channel her creativity into something important, and have helped her to find her voice. Reagan is looking forward to helping others on staff this year improve the Spartan Post with unique and professional stories. Although sad that this is her last year on staff, she is excited to continue making meaningful memories and gaining life experience this year.


Email Reagan: [email protected]

Reagan Rinehart, SPN-ONLINE Student Life Editor

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Reagan Rinehart