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Mackenzie McCollum
My name is Mackenzie Ryan McCollum and I am a senior at Bixby High School. This is my fourth and final year in broadcasting, being the last student to be in the “original SPN.” One day, I hope to become a movie script writer, a freelance producer/cinematographer, and during my spare time, produce and sell art. During my free time, I enjoy painting, playing guitar and piano, singing,  longboarding, and making short films. I also volunteer at my church on Wednesdays and lead worship at my youth band.  Besides broadcasting, I am involved in my school’s Student Council and Ping Pong club. After high school, I plan to attend TCC and transfer to University of Denver, CO. I am a firm believer in making the most of what I have and I can't wait to conquer the challenges I have in front of me this year.

Mackenzie McCollum, SPN Reporter & Executive Producer

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Mackenzie McCollum