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Top 10 ways to make yourself smarter

Chris Tyndall, Sports Director

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Welcome back loyal readers to Chris’s Top 10. This week I had a minor adjustment during production — the column was hijacked by Brandie McAllister (my not as funny or cool Editor in Chief). So before you read the list, just remember I didn’t come up with the topic nor the list itself. All I did was number them and write this incredibly awesome introduction that I’m sure is mesmerizing you .

Brandie and I were reading an article from the January 9th issue of Newsweek (given to us by our hilarious–but not as funny as me– adviser Mrs. Dee Harris.) The article documented ’31 Ways to Get Smarter–faster. Brandie quickly came up with the idea of making this into a Top 10 and I perfected it into this glorious list you will soon read. I thought that ways to make yourself smarter was going to be an easy list…

10. Try free association– this improves memory because correlating a picture with the memory helps you recall it later

9. Learn to crochet– this hobby keeps your mind’s wheels turning

8. Read Shakespeare– yes, your English teacher was right: modern language is lazy and Shakespeare’s Old English style will challenge your contemporary mind

7. Step away from your iPhone– updating your status and tweeting distract you from whatever task is at hand
6. Write it down– just because online social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) has taken over, it doesn’t reduce the power of a handwritten letter
5. Play Words with Friends– a crossword or suduku works the same; studies have shown they can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s

4. Play your Wii (or Kinect) –these games get you off the couch and your heart rate up; also help hand-eye coordination

3. Watch TV– only ‘smart’ shows like the Discovery and History channels; no Jersey Shore, only in-depth documentaries that force you to think outside the box

2. Play your Xbox– research has shown that players can multitask better and have good reflex reactions

1. Get enough sleep- it is recommended for a person to get an average of 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night, that includes snoozing during boring class lectures.

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Top 10 ways to make yourself smarter