Do Video Games Cause Violence?

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Video games are one of the largest forms of electronic entertainment available to almost everyone today. There are many rumors around that video games can essentially ‘train’ your kid, or make them violent and have the impulse to go shoot up schools. However, this is not true. Video games are constantly being attacked by news networks like Fox News. Video games are often becoming a scapegoat, or something to pin the blame on, for crimes like school shootings. Now, I understand that topics like mass shootings can be sensitive to some people who know victims, but be rest assured blaming these incidents on a video game will not solve anything. Instead, investigators  need to look at the psychological problems that the shooter might have had. Blaming video games for shootings is like blaming your pencil for making a mistake. Now, I’m not saying video games aren’t violent; video games can be very violent at times. But video games are not the only violent things that kids these days are exposed to. Kids constantly watch violent movies, shows, and they read violent novels like The Hunger Games. News media today often displays violent images and graphic descriptions of natural disasters such as forest fires, mudslides, and floods that kill people every day in real life. That’s without human interaction in all of this. Of course, life does not have to be violent 24/7. Life still has its fun moments, not all of it has to be violent. Just like video games. Not all video games are violent, they can just be fun challenges like “Tetris” or “Bejeweled”. Those are just a few examples of games that don’t even contain violence. Minecraft is a popular game that children around the world love. Games like this promote a sense of adventure and creativity among its players.

In the end, yes, video games are violent, but they do not cause violence in it players, they are just harmless pieces of software that kids and other people love to play and enjoy. They will continue to impact many others for years to come.

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