Phantasmagoria: Behind the Scenes


Junior Gavin Moore prepares for his solo, while being whisked around the football field on a floating chest.

Savannah Vincent, Reporter

As a senior euphonium player in the Pride of Bixby Marching Band, I know what it takes to create an marching performance. Reviews have been written about the Pride’s shows, but not many people get to experience more than just the audience perspective. I know that I always love watching behind the scenes videos of my favorite TV shows, so why not go behind the scenes of my favorite activity, right?

I want to give the Pride of Bixby’s audience and fans a look at the daily routine and weekly rigor of us band kids. I’ll show you what it takes to create, learn, and perform a show, as well as the trial and error that comes along the way. We’ll go together through each rehearsal, performance, and contest following the highs and lows of emotions, energy, and motivation. My hope is that by the end you will no longer feel like audience member, but a part of the experience and process that is The Pride of Bixby. I cannot wait to take this year’s wild and freaky journey: Phantasmagoria. Look for updates to this column and enjoy the show.

Editor’s Note: The Pride of Bixby won Outstanding Visual Performance and placed in the top five at the Owasso Invitational Marching Contest on September 27.