Phantasmagoria: Behind The Scenes

Phantasmagoria: Behind The Scenes

Savannah VIncent, Reporter

One contest down, three more to go! we placed fifth at the Owasso Invitational which is really awesome and such a great step for us this year. Contests are always a really unique and rewarding experience. Not only did we place fifth, but we were awarded outstanding visuals in our class which again is huge. Contests are my favorite part about being in the Pride of Bixby because I get to spend an entire day with my friends and doing what I love. Also, just as a little side note, we get meals catered to us during contests which is just, ya know, the most delicious bonus.

Contests break down kinda like this: arrive at the school early, rehearse, leave for contest, warm-up, perform, wait for finals announcements (que crazy nerves), finals warm-up (if you made it), perform, wait, wait some more, then massing, load the vehicles, and, lastly, depart for home. A really cool thing about contests, though sometimes there is not a lot of time to do so, is to go and watch all the other bands perform what they have poured their blood, sweat, tears, and hard work into. Also, it feeds on these teenagers competitive nature… It had to be said. Warm-up, oddly enough, is a really intense part of contests because every ounce of focus contained in the body must, I repeat MUST, be channeled into physical and musical technique and preparedness.

Walking to the stadium before we performed at Owasso was bittersweet. At the end of warm up my section always does “the baritone handshake” and after Evan (the other senior baritone) and I did it we realized that our time in band is coming to an end. So to save you from a pitifully long and sentimental story, we started the long trek to the stadium with butterflies and tiny tears.

Now to the fun stuff… Once the preshow audio begins, it’s all hands on deck and 100% energy. What’s unique about this show, besides all the really neat visuals, is how physically tasking it is for myself and the other performers. I sweat more in one full run of Phantasmagoria than I ever did playing a sport. It is so incredibly hard to play musically and make all the movements look effortless.

What’s up next for The Pride of Bixby? We have the Renegade Review on Saturday, October 11th all day! We are preparing hard and really looking forward to performing our best! Bixby’s preliminary performance is at 11:30!

Over and out.

p.s. Next week will be a full show break down. Get ready.