Phantasmagoria: Behind The Scenes

Savannah Vincent, Reporter

Renegade Review was a huge success! 2nd in our class for preliminaries and 8th overall, I believe we exceeded even our own expectations. Renegade was probably the most difficult contest we will compete in this year and the whole Pride is thrilled with the progress we’ve made.

Now that I actually know the whole story line of our show, let me lay it out for you.

Phantasmagoria is about a traveling show full of freaks and other oddities. The show opens with a recording of People Are Strange by The Doors, but it is interrupted by frequent static and the voice of a radio announcement saying that a traveling show called Phantasmagoria has gotten in a fiery train crash, but one thing is still a mystery: the train cars were found empty…

The remainder of the Opener features The Beauty Underneath from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Love Never Dies with powerful and piercing hits and visuals.

In Movement one we revisit People Are Strange, but this time all these differently stylized parts from the front ensemble, woodwinds, and brass. Then it dwindles to a smooth, small baritone feature that eventually leads into the big hit in Movement One where the band moves into elongated visuals to maximize size and sounds.

Movement two is, well, Movement Two is crazy. The music is very difficult and technical. We’re talking fast tempo and eighth notes everywhere… So many eighth notes. Now take that music and throw it on top of a spinning box and you’ll have the baritone/euphonium part. It’s my favorite part visually. I may be biased though — I mean, I am on top of a box. While all that is happening, the woodwinds are on the other side of the field bending and kneeling and doing all sorts of contortions in time with the music which looks super cool.

Movement three, or the ballad, is our little rendition of Glory Box by Poritshead. (Side note: look them up. You will not regret it.) The boxes are now used as train cars for the trumpets who play a groovy little piece on their muted instruments which is such a unique sound. Then, like most of our movements, it has it’s own unique hit that is pretty much a laser to the soul. I love it.

Movement four is still in the works. However, it does involve music from Sherlock Holmes and a magical disappearance. I can’t give too much away on this one just yet…

The Pride of Bixby is continuing to rehearse and get better and stronger! Our next contest is OSSAA where we are given a rating from 1-5. Getting a 1 is a superior ranking. This contest will be on October 29th at Broken Arrow and Bixby performs at  1:45 pm.