Phantasmagoria: Behind the Scenes

Part 3

Phantasmagoria: Behind the Scenes

Savannah Vincent, Reporter

We’re in the home stretch for Phantasmagoria! No contests happening/happened this week, but we are preparing and rehearsing for OSSAA and OBA state contests next week.

These last two weeks are crucial for the Pride of Bixby. CRUCIAL. It is where all the fine tuning takes place and we make sure all of our moves are down cold. Just to appeal to you number people, the Pride of Bixby usually rehearses about thirteen hours a week. This week, we will have rehearsed for twenty-four hours. 24 hours. Rain or shine, we are working. I won’t lie, it is terribly exhausting. But it is all worth it in the end.

REMINDER: The Pride of Bixby will be performing in the OSSAA contest in Broken Arrow on Wednesday October 29th at 1:45 pm. OBA state contest will take place Saturday November 1st at Broken Arrow and our performance time is TBA.