Cancer Sucks, but Dressed To Kill Does Not

Gregg Shipman as Gene Simmons

Miki Riley, Photo Editor

On August 14th, I had the honor of photographing Dressed To Kill, a KISS tribute band, at the Cain’s Ballroom for the Cancer Sucks concert in Tulsa, Okla. Cancer Sucks is an organization that raises money for cancer research. All of the bands at the concerts played for free, and the attendees paid $19.80 … haha get it… because it’s an 80’s tribute band concert.

All around the venue was 80’s fun — the DeLorean, Mystery Machine, and the General Lee lined up outside. People dressed as their favorite 80’s bands and stood in anticipation for the doors to open.

Once I got inside, the atmosphere felt like home, except, of course, for the already drunk, older people. Exit 34 started out the night with wonderful songs from the past. The crowd was small and not very interested. As Dressed To Kill came on stage, the crowd erupted. Fan interaction is always a huge thing for the band. As I made my way back and forth on the floor, Max Dubroff joined me as he interacted with various fans in the crowd. When Dressed To Kill’s set ended, they came out on to the floor to take pictures with fans. Hair Force ended the night with their incredible 11 piece band as they switched off singers to portray several outstanding 80’s bands.