Cassidy’s Top Five Songs of the Week 10/12/15

Cassidy Reed, SPN Junior Editor-In-Chief

Welcome to a new column dedicated to my weekly top five favorite songs. Hopefully you’ll find something that tickles your fancy and/or tickles your earholes. Either way, I’m just sharing content I find to be quality; there will be anything from new releases to old classics. Happy listening!


“Had Ten Dollaz”– by young L.A. based band, Cherry Glazerr. Frontwoman Clementine Creevy and and drummer Hannah Uribe are both under eighteen, with Sean Redman, on bass, at twenty-three. Their cool, garage-rock sound makes them an easy listen that will put you in a “I’m a cool cat” mood. Sunglasses suggested, but in no way mandatory. Had Ten Dollaz


“Last Call Withdrawal”– by psychedelic/coldwave/pop/garage five piece, from San Diego,  Barbarian. This band pairs seductive to uptempo beats, well-written lyrics, and indie-rock in a flawless way. Their latest album Night Blooms is most definitely worth exploring. Last Call Withdrawal

“Yeimages-2s I’m Changing”-by Australian act, with primary member Kevin Parker, Tame Impala. Parker is on vocals, producing, mixing, and writing. There is also keyboardist/guitarists Dominic Simper and Jay Watson, bassist Cam Avery, and drummer Julien Barbagallo. The brilliance and almost obsessive detail put into their latest album, Currents, make it my personal favorite of the year. The album’s beats, reminiscent of the disco days, mix the old with the new, taking steps forward while romanticizing the past. Yes I’m Changing

“Meimages-3scaline”-by young musician and singer-songwriter from L.A., Robert Francis. His old, soulful voice perfectly portrays his interpretation of life and all of the emotions that go with heartbreak. His voice stirs up nostalgia in the listener. Mescaline (studio version)                Mescaline (live version)


“You Only Live Once”-by pop duo from Brooklyn NY, Unsolved Mysteries.This is one of the most upbeat songs you will find in anyone’s entire library. It’s a song that seems to be able to pull people out of funks that they otherwise find themselves unable to forget. You Only Live Once

 Featured Album: Currents– by Tame Impala Currents (full album)