On the Parkland Shootings: One Month Later


Connor Wright

Bixby High School students participate in the National Student Walkout Day to protest school shootings

Rebecca Rayon, Reporter

The 18th school shooting of 2018 occurred in Parkland, Florida, exactly a month ago today. A former student using an assault rifle has been charged with the murders of 14 children and three adults.

Many articles written about this school shooting haven’t just said, “former student”; they have said, “troubled student with mental illness and a sad past life.” They try to humanize the person charged with killing 17 people with no obvious remorse. A 19-year-old boy acquired a gun in the U.S. of A. – our home, where around 95 people are killed by these weapons daily.

Guns kill people. People kill people.

Because of the gun issue, there has been controversy about whether teachers should carry firearms. No, they should not. There are numerous circumstances that could go wrong with letting teachers carry weapons on their hips or keep them inside their desks. For example, on Feb. 6, eight days before the Parkland killings, a third grader in Maplewood, Minnesota, accidentally fired a gun in the holster of a policeman in gym class. Luckily, no one was harmed.

Train the teachers all you want and spend thousands of dollars on arming them, but that will not prevent school shootings. Troubled kids and adults involved in these shootings need counseling. Notice the problems beforehand and take action.

Citizens can act to help stop these problems in the United States that should not be normalized in our society. We students should not be scared to go to school. We should not be scared to be alive and get an education in a place that is supposedly deemed safe. We have to take extra precautions to be the safest we can at school

Confront this gun issue. Protest and get angry. About 140 students at Bixby High School have done that today. The kids in Parkland are angry but all they are getting is backlash from grown adults who want to keep their weapons, rather than sympathy for their friends and fellow students being killed right in front of them.

And no, not everyone who has a gun uses it to kill other people, but you buy it for a reason: to kill something. Some mentally ill people just take it a step further.